St. Laurence Interpretation Centre

Century XXI
The Interpretation Centre of St. Laurence was opened in 2012. Its purpose is to interpret, promote and disseminate the archaeological heritage of the municipality, regarding the most important archaeological site, the Castro de S. Lourenço (Hillfort of St. Laurence), which is part of the Northwest Peninsular Hillfort Network. The Interpretation Centre develops two lines of work, the Cultural Heritage Service of the Municipality, which is responsible for rupestrian and underwater archaeological research and the exhibition of the scientific research results. It has two exhibition areas. One is a permanent exhibition area that appeals to the senses of the public, with which they can interact, by interpreting the settlement and transformations of the territory throughout history. The other is a temporary exhibition area, dedicated to the preservation of the archaeological site of monte de S. Lourenço (mount of St. Laurence), where the four main moments of its occupation are registered, relating it to the entire territory of the municipality.


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